Time flies when we’re having fun, right?! Well, that saying may be only half-true when talking about 2020… so much loss; jobs, businesses, lives, relationships… the list goes on. What I have missed the most is performing live. When the pandemic started and countries were beginning their lockdowns, I was in Europe with my husband and son unsure if our flight would be canceled. Thankfully, our airline’s scheduled flight was literally the last flight out of Europe. That was definitely a thankful moment.

I have only performed one public performance since the beginning of the pandemic New Year’s Eve at the Hotel Valley Ho, with the amazing and beautiful DJ MISS MIXX, and super talented and beautiful cellist Melanie Yarger! Also, a few private engagements such as weddings, studio work and video shoots. My recording session with the extremely talented producer Rodney “RK” Jackson was SO amazing… laying down a vintage disco string parts to an amazing new song by his talented client, Brandon Michael! I will be sure to post here on my blog when my next public performance will take place. In the meantime, I’ve been creating some original songs, learning some Celtic fiddle, and arranging more pop selections for string quartet!

Carrie with producer, Rodney “RK” Jackson after a recording session for Mr. Jackson’s client.
Carrie with DJ MISS MIXX, and cellist Melanie Yarger.
Ringing in the New Year at Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona

My electric string quartet Urban Electra has launched a new website! Check it out here: www.urbanelectra.com. I am so thankful for my Urban Electra sisters! xoxo

On with the beautiful new beginnings for 2021! New President! New Vaccines! New Opportunities! New Friendships! New adventures making life’s precious memories.

I hope you have remained safe and healthy during this time and truly look forward to seeing you from stage soon!

Cheers! xoxo


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