Parents Guide

Parental involvement is the key to your child’s success in music lessons. 


  • Provide a quiet place to practice without distractions and interruptions (i.e., TV, video games)
  • Keep a consistent practice time. (add practice time to after-school homework)
  • New students should strive for 20-30 minutes daily (5-7 days per week) of focused practice time, and gradually increase times. 


  • Giving praise to your child’s achievements and hardwork goes a long way! Be sure to complement even the smallest detail, sometimes those are the toughest hurdles!
  • Encourage your child to play for others. (family, friends). However, if they are resistant, try not to force them. They will perform when they’re comfortable and confident. This comes in time.
  • Attend live music concerts and recitals, and listen to a variety of music that contains the stringed instrument family. (violin, viola, cello, bass)
  • Do not use practice as punishment.
  • Do not ridicule or allow others (i.e., siblings) to make fun of mistakes. We want to build a confident musician and family and friends are the key ingredient to make that happen.

There are many benefits to taking music lessons. Even if your child is not to become the next Hilary Hahn or Itzhak Perlman, their musical studies will enhance other aspects of their development:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Teamwork
  3. goal-setting
  4. self-expression
  5. coordination
  6. memory skills
  7. self-confidence
  8. concentration
  9. poise
  10. stress outlet

Below is information from the American String Teacher Association which covers the standards that your child will learn in Mrs. Caruso’s studio: