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I would like to share with you the conception of my solo show and new band, “Breathless.” As many of you know, in addition to managing, arranging music, playing lead violin with “Urban Electra, I’ve started on a solo project and just this year began working with my band, “Breathless.”  The very talented men from Breathless I’ve know for years by playing together in various church bands. I’d like to share my story how “Breathless” came to be…

It’s amazing how when the stars are in alignment (so-to-speak) how everything falls into place. Well, that is definitely the case with “Breathless.” It was the weekend of Halloween 2015, my husband and I decided to have an impromptu date night to discuss my hopes and dreams of pursuing my solo show. We decided to go to a local wine bar close to home. To our surprise, Joe Broyles and Ross Brotman were at the wine bar performing with a vocalist. We thought to ourselves, “Great! We know the music will be great tonight.” As my husband Peter and I are enjoying a delicious bottle of a red blend, in walks JT Walsh and his lovely wife, Franzi. So we all sit together enjoying the show, and catching up.  JT shared with Peter and I about their new band concept, “34 North!” The concept they put together is to create a core backup band for various vocalists (and now, instrumentalists) who specialize in different genres and  planned to advertise for local and corporate shows. Suddenly, FIREWORKS!!! Everything that I started to imagine for my solo show was right there sitting in that room! Our paths crossed that night to begin an awesome relationship and band.

Since that night at the wine bar, we’ve created an extensive repertoire list, crossing grooves with styles that certainly give your ears a surprise!

The link below is of our first public show together in the town of Rogers City, Michigan, where I spend summers with my family.

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Carrie Caruso


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