Being Thankful on Thursday


Hello everyone!

I hope this post finds you well and in a place of peace and contentment.

I am fiercely protective of our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday since each year it seems that it is over shadowed by the big daddy of holidays, Christmas. If that wasn’t enough, Thanksgiving even winds up being bookended by Halloween and the corporate greed of  Black Friday.

Why am I such a fan of Thanksgiving? For starters, Thanksgiving is the only holiday one is not EXPECTED to spend excessive amounts of money and buy gifts. It’s truly an occasion to simply be with our loved ones, our friends, and family, and/or to volunteer our time for those in need. Thanksgiving is a day that is our nations first true holiday which is not religious but more importantly a day to bring together peace and unity for all Americans. Peace and freedom is what the U.S. is built upon. Let us hold this holiday dear in our hearts.

I am thankful for my patriot ancestors who helped fight for our independence from England, and every American war. I am thankful for the life I live today with my family for which I am blessed.

This (very short) clip is the theme from Ken Burn’s series, “The Civil War,” and written by Jay Ungar, “Ashokan Farewell I hope you enjoy!

God bless America! …and Happy Thanksgiving.


Carrie Caruso

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